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Our Brands

TM "Milkavita"

TM “Milkavita” produces whole milk products (milk with long sales periods, cream, cottage cheese, sour cream), dry dairy products, cheeses, packaged and bulk butter.

TM "Mоyа Slavita"

Whole milk products are produced under the TM "Moya Slavita": milk with short sales periods (in polyethylene packaging, PET bottle, pure-pack; cottage cheese, sour cream), processed cheeses, packaged butter, yoghurts, cottage cheese desserts, puddings, glazed curd cheese.

TM "Latte Barista"

Under the TM "Latte Barista" milk and cream are produced for use by both professionals and amateurs in making coffee drinks at home and in the HoReCa segment. Milk under the TM "Latte Barista" has a high protein content and is ideal for both daily use and when preparing coffee drinks.

TM "Gustare"

Processed cheeses, cream pastes, curd cheeses are produced under the TM "Gustare".