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Victory of taste

26 of January 2021

Milk "Latte Barista" is the winner of the prestigious competition "Best Products of the Republic of Belarus" 2020. The champion received the status of "Novelty of the Year" and the status of "Best Products of the Republic of Belarus".

The high quality and unique taste of Latte Barista milk for your favorite coffee drinks has been strictly evaluated by experts, professionals in their field. And they confidently awarded the ultra-pasteurized milk under the TM "Latte Barista" title of the winner. Milk has a high protein content and is ideal both for daily consumption and for preparing coffee drinks.

Modern customers have high demands on dairy products and we strive to meet these requirements by constantly improving the quality of our products.

The victory in this competition is the best proof that by trusting their choice of products to Milkavita, the consumer gets the best. Your valuation as a consumer is the most important reward!

Latte Barista™